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Day 13
Maya’s on her game, right now. She started working, she’s taking care of her body, and she’s given up on relationships that hurt her. But it has been FOREVER since she’s had the chance to focus on her art. Her favorite local author is teaching a writing workshop she really wants to take, but it costs $100 per month and right now that’s outside of her budget. Every cent counts! On the other hand, every other investment she’s made in her art has paid off, in the long run. Maybe she can figure out a way to make it work. What should Maya do next?

A. Spend the money on the class. Improving her art is a worthwhile expense.
B. See if the teacher is willing to barter or discount servi, even if it is embarrassing to ask.
C. Skip the class and make sure she carves out time for herself to write, at home for free.


What can I say about my girl Maya? I mean, she's one of The Albrights, but she doesn't let it go to her head. Maya's great with kids, an amazing photographer, and she has a voice kinda like Etta, or Lauryn's. No surprise that she never got a desk job. She's pretty happy teaching art to middle school kids in Oakland Public Schools. The pay's not great, and there's no health coverage – but it could be worse. She gets to teach in her hometown, she can walk to work most days and she's got a decent enough income to stay up on local designers. If Carrie Bradshaw had a natural, a social conscience and owned a couple rap albums, she'd probably hang with Maya. The girl's good at everything. Well, almost everything; she's a bit of a klutz. I mean, Maya trips. She's been tripping. A lot. Over chairs, up flights of stairs, into bike racks. And she's not just accident prone when she's walking. Maya stumbles into relationships and out of them. She slips up when she's running her mouth/ She's human, like the rest of us and sometimes, Maya falls.

So she needs your help. Everyday you help Maya figure out what the heck she's doing with her life. Watch or read today's premise and re-Tweet what you think should happen next. Using the stories YOU create, the winning scenario becomes part of Maya's actual life. Get your followers to join in and you'll decide what happens when Maya falls.